The Miter Box – Tiny House Plans

The plans for this tiny house are now available on the PAD website. See and learn more about the Miter Box.

“The design inspiration was simplicity, clean lines, and sharp contrast, with a modern twist on classic childhood drawings of a house. The name is derived from the design’s great attention to detail, intersecting lines and precise commingling of warm wood and cool metal.   The house is 122 square feet, with a 28 square foot sleeping loft.” – PAD

See more of the MIter Box

3 thoughts on “The Miter Box – Tiny House Plans”

  1. I am trying to obtain more information regarding the plans and the cost. I am looking for a place that I can live in that is simple but yet cozy and I really like the designs of these houses. They are cute. please let me know how much these are

  2. Very well done…great to see so many people are liking tiny houses…
    from some one who live in a tiny apartment..great ideas for my future…

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