‘The Watchers’ – Owl Inspired Cabin

Located in the open landscape of the Rives Arcins in Bordeaux, France– this cabin draws inspiration from the night “owls” of the land. Crafted as a part of the “Noise Initiative” for the area, this cabin was designed by Zebra3/Buy-Sellf.” – Rachel at Inthralld

See more of ‘The Watchers’ – Owl Inspired Cabin. Rental information can be found here.

15 thoughts on “‘The Watchers’ – Owl Inspired Cabin

  1. cheri says:

    could you send me more info on the watchers owl inspired cabin, like size, price to build & what it all would include! Thank you!

  2. Carol Davis says:

    I’d like more info on this beautiful tiny house. Like pictures of the interior and can I get it In the US or get plans? Cost? Thank you.

  3. Adam cooper says:

    Hi, I have heard that you can rent the owl for the weekend, can you send me more information please

  4. jane stanton says:

    Can you please send me details about renting the owl accommodation for a weekend.
    Many thanks & yours hopefully

    • Jo brown says:

      Please can you advise me where in the UK these owl houses are available for weekend rentals? Trying to locate any information is very difficult. Appreciate any assistance.
      Kind regards Jo

  5. Adam says:

    I too am looking at possibly staying at this amazing little place after seeing it on George Clarks amazing spaces. My girlfriend is obsessed with owls and this would be a perfect treat for her

  6. Wilf says:

    How do I rent the owl house for a week end in Bordeaux we would love to take our granddaughter .

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