“Tiny Home Pilot Program” Proposed in New Jersey Bill to Encourage Building Tiny Houses for the Poor and Homeless

The bill (S2571), which was just introduced last week and will be heard by the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee on Monday, would create a three-year “Tiny Home Pilot Program” in which the state would award grants to build housing developments consisting of homes with no more than 300 square feet of floor space.” – NJ.com

Read all about N.J. would encourage building tiny houses for the poor and homeless under bill. Tiny house pictured is from Jim and Melanie Tomkins of the Backyard Cottage Company. Photo by Steve Hockstein/for the Star-Ledger.


  1. The problem is that building a development with very similar housing units creates a ghetto. These tiny housing units need to be dispersed among other housing units, i.e. families and/or students, so that these people will get integrated into their communities quickly and successfully.

  2. Terrific they are helping the homeless, but the Tiny house movement is about more than just housing. it’s about sustainable ecology.

    No ghettos are made when a community is built caring for the land and each other.

    1. Thank you Marcia if they do fund it I think pp that own them and will receive help should keep a full time job .

  3. If the state agrees to this then it’ll pave the way for the rest of us to have out own tiny houses here in New Jersey!!

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