Tiny House Kits by SingCore

The Sing 8×24 Tiny House Kit includes all the pre-framed panels necessary to build your 24×8 storage shed, shelter or modular home. No framing is necessary due to patented Sing Core’s built-in torsion box frame resulting in a Reinforced Structural Insulated Panel RSIP that are lightweight imbued with unparalleled high-strength 660 PSI = stronger than steel pound-for-pound.” – Sing Tiny House

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4 thoughts on “Tiny House Kits by SingCore”

  1. That’s pretty amazing, and for those who found the Sing panels a bit intimidating to work with on site, this is an excellent solution. The panels are such a great idea to start wih, but this makes them an even more desirable alternative to building oneself. Thanks, Sing!

  2. This is a great post, with someone who makes sips actually trying to give ideas back to the tiny house people. That said, however, this is not the only manufacturer who makes sip panels that are structurally strong enough to be independent of much framing. The kits they sell are not kits but panels that you must use to make your own design and figure out where to cut the doors, windows and add in all of the other stuff. Also, carefully consider the cost and effectiveness of the insulation compared to what your needs are. (I live in Canada. The house I am building next year is going to have to be hardy enough for a very cold Northern Ontario winter. I am going to go with a panel from someone else that has higher insulation value just on that basis alone. Because I have to.) The other aspect is whether the company deals directly with an end-user or will only sell to you through a retailer (as appears to be the case here if you read their FAQ.) These considerations are actually probably not a big deal because everyone of you, if you have been regularly reading great websites like this one, is a better expert than you realize about how you can make your house your way and do it easily and effectively, and use whatever you get. This may be the right product for some of you, but for the tiny (very tiny house) that I am building next year, given the size factors, the cost, the insulation efficiency, the structural qualities, the delivery considerations and modification abilities, I choose a different one. This one will not meet my needs as well, and regardless, even if I took what they gave me, I still have to cut the windows, the doors, plan the windows, the doors, add the exterior, interior, do the anchoring, etc. etc. And that is fair. This company is reaching out to the tiny house community with its ideas to help us. Kudos. What this company is doing, and doing very well, is providing you with the panels to build your own shell. It ships them to the buyer on a flat bed stacked flatly. Nevertheless, all I am saying is that this is one of many suppliers and you really have to know what you need, know the limits of what the company is providing, know what you have to do and be an expert in everything before you decide. Get an idea of the design that you need, and do the searches on the internet to fulfill it.

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