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Kent Griswold, the fellow behind Tiny House Blog is now publishing an online magazine available in iPad that’s aptly named Tiny House Magazine.

“I am excited to introduce Tiny House Magazine and its Preview Issue hot off the (virtual) presses and available in the NewsStand for the Apple iPad. The goal with the magazine is to reach a new audience via this new media. At this time the Tiny House Magazine is only available for the iPad but I am hoping to be able to migrate it to the Android and Kindle in the not to distant future. I may also offer a pdf version though it will not have all the interactivity built in.”

Read more about Tiny House Magazine.


7 thoughts on “Tiny House Magazine

  1. Wanda Parrish says:

    Back in October 2013, I ordered the magazine for one year. It shows on my statement at the bank that you recieved your payment for the magazine in October, But I have NEVER recieved my first book. This is July. I do not understand what has happened. I hope the matter can get fixed. Bank said I could dispute it to get my money back. I should be able to get one back or (both, money and monthly mag.) Thanks. Please hurry to fix this

  2. Wanda Parrish says:

    Michael, Would you please check out why Tiny House Magazine has not responed to me on my purchase? Please help to solve this problem and get the magazine coming to my address. I purchase a year in October2013. I still have faith in the company; I just want my magazines coming! Once again thank you Michael

  3. Rhonda Davidson says:

    We have a house that my husband and myself built that is 600 square feet and very unique inside and I would like to see about getting some pictures of itpublished in your magazine.

  4. Tina Bin-Flores says:

    I have 2 acres in Missouri unused completely paid for, I want to have some tiny houses there to help run a community garden and also to help keep an eye on my old house . Would like to advertise this somewhere

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