This Tiny House on Wheels Is Nicer than Most Studio Apartments

The tiny house movement might start looking really appealing to city dwellers — one roughly 172-square-foot house recently featured by Reuters looks nicer than many studio apartments youd find in New York City.” – Business Insider

A quote from Business Insider. Read the whole story, This Tiny House On Wheels Is Nicer Than Most Studio Apartments at Business Insider. Photo by REUTERS/Rick Wilking. For those wondering… it’s a Tumbleweed Tiny House.

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  1. As I live in a tiny house I can tell you my cost of living is as low as it gets. Around 5 bucks a month in parnope and $5 TO $15 in electric. That’s it. We plan on buying our solar panels in the fall along with our wood stove and POOF no more utility bills. We built the house with our own money. There is no comparison to living in a normal size home when it comes to cost.

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