A Tiny Wood Stove for Ella’s Tiny House

It’s an incredibly well designed and USA made stove with some very cool features, if you want to read more, check out Unforgettable Fire’s website and the tiny-house-specific Kimberly website here.” – Ella at Little Yellow Door

Read and see more of this tiny wood stove for a tiny house. Photos by Little Yellow Door.


  1. Not ready yet but looking for a tiny house about 900 to 1000 feet, do you have any

  2. Haven’t installed metal roofs but shouldn’t the upside of the pipe flashing be under the sheet metal? Seems one is solely relying on the caulk sealant to provide for disallowing water penetration. Might create future problem(s) when caulk deteriorates.

    The upside of the pipe flashing is underneath when one installs composition shingles. dCb

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