Tumbleweed Cypress 24 Tour

In the video Steve Weissmann from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company give us a tour of one of the larger tiny homes out there – at 172 square feet.

It’s 24-feet long, has a comfortable loft, space for a twin bed downstairs, functional kitchen, and is built on top of a custom 3-axle trailer. For those looking to buy and not build, Tumbleweeds can be financed too.

To learn more visit the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company website.

2 thoughts on “Tumbleweed Cypress 24 Tour”

  1. Send me please the address of your distributor in France.


    G. Turolla

  2. Michael Souza

    Best Quality Work and most attention to detail on the Market.

    Will you be showing at the St. Augustine Fl Tiny Home show November 18 / 16

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