Would You Want a Tiny Bathtub in Your Tiny House?

Dehlia’s tiny bathroom is typical of a city apartment: a 4 x 6 foot space that benefited from a functional, small-scale redesign. The floors are slate, the walls are seaglass, and the fixtures are well proportioned for the room.” – Apartment Therapy

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8 thoughts on “Would You Want a Tiny Bathtub in Your Tiny House?”

  1. YES! Desperately, I’ve been researching small Japanese soaking tubs as an option.

  2. The Mind Wunders

    I would pass my idea currently is a wet room to combine as much space as possible

  3. I would have to have a tub in the bathroom regardless of the size. A tub is a must have.

  4. Due to mobility issues I haven’t been able to use my tub in years and I really miss it. However, the regular type tub is not ideal for a good hot soak, which is my main bath objective. I’m working on building the perfect soaking tub for me, incorporating a comfy seat (doubles as a step in/out and boxes off space to lessen water use), easy access, minimal water use, insulation to keep it hot longer and an easy way to use the greywater for gardening. My ideal tub would be outside on my deck, not in the bathroom, but would have the option of being light enough to move indoors if bugs, weather or privacy were an issue. It’s loosely based on the old Mother Earth News idea http://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/one-person-hot-tub-zmaz95djzgoe.aspx

  5. Love it!!! I am in the process of building a tiny home, and am very curious about where you got you tub and the dimensions. I have been shopping for a tiny tub and this is the first one I have seen that would work PERFECT for me. Any info would be really helpful! thank you tiny house friend.

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