Writer’s Haven

Incredible design and great idea for securing a cabin.

“Located on San Juan Island, Washington, the intention was to pull the writer into the solace and hum of nature and leave behind all distraction.

The cabin is glass walled with wooden slats that are raised by a hydraulic system. The slats can be pulled up at night, or raised for security when the occupant is away.”

Read more about this Writer’s Haven | Simple Humble.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Haven”

  1. I admire Kundig’s work and this design is no exception……. but it does not belong in a “simple humble” world. I’m making an estimated guess that with the land and development costs figured in, this little writing “shack” may have cost $.75M or more? That’s a lot of successful publishing. If I am wrong please furnish information to the contrary. Tx

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