Ye Olde Pipsqueak for Casita Bella

Pix is building a tiny house and will use a wood stove for some of her heating. She’s chosen a tiny stove from Salamander Stoves.

“It weighs only maybe 40 lbs and sits upon its own cast iron base. It has a dial on the side for airflow and the whole thing is enameled a deep dynamic blue-teal color. (See pics below of course.) It’s truly the tiniest stove I think you can get for human use. I went to our wood pile and picked out the smallest pieces I could. They didn’t fit. Actually only twigs were small enough, or if I had had some round butts.”

Read more about Ye Olde Pipsqueak at Casita Bella.


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  1. OK, I now seriously lust after this stove and what a surprise to find a dealer in Vancouver BC! Waiting for price info, but I suspect it will be a shock (not a good one.)

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