10 Ingenious Space-Efficient Kitchens

Tiny house kitchens can be a challenge to design. Here’s an article that features 10 different designs. Here’s a quote about the kitchen pictured here:

“A tiny kitchen by Mesh Architectures occupies a nook in a 300-square-foot art dealer’s studio. The high-mounted oven includes a space saving feature where the bottom drops down for you to insert the food then retracts back up into the heat.”

Continue to see the 10 Ingenious Space-Efficient Kitchens : Remodelista.

2 thoughts on “10 Ingenious Space-Efficient Kitchens”

  1. And where exactly is one supposed to actually prep something to cook? On the floor? Ref handle on the left? Really??? I give it an F for functionality and a C for execution.

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