10×26 Tiny House Sized Survival Shelter

This is a rare look inside someone’s underground tiny house sided shelter. Most people that buy shelters keep quiet about their details, but this particular customer is happy to share. Inside the shelter’s temperature stays steady between 59 and 63-degrees Fahrenheit thanks to being buried deep underground. It has bunk beds for four a bathroom, living room, kitchenette, and escape hatch.

This shelter was built by Atlas Survival Shelters. It redials for $75,000. You can find more tour and installation videos on the Atlas Survival Shelters YouTube Channel. For more information about this particular model visit the Atlas Survival Shelters website and see the Round Colvert 10×26 Cabin. Image and video by Atlas Survival Shelters.

1 thought on “10×26 Tiny House Sized Survival Shelter”

  1. Ruth Vallejos

    Really interesting stuff. I’m intrigued about the inflatable form concrete domes, thinking they would make really great, simple houses. I’d love to see a picture of one built above ground, or partially in ground.

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