15 Things To Know Before Building A Skoolie

Zac shares 15 things he and Tiffany wished they knew before building their Skoolie School Bus Conversion. Find them at Rolling Vistas. Subscribe to the Rolling Vistas YouTube Channel for updates. Image and video by Zac and Tiffany.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9tZ0zzHYrs[/embedyt]

Here’s the list… but listen to the whole video because there’s a lot of essential details in what Zac shares.

  1. You’ll feel overwhelmed.
  2. You’ll be nickel and dimed.
  3. You’ll watch countless hours of DIY videos on YouTube.
  4. The project will take longer than you imagine.
  5. Make choices for that work for you, not someone else. Trust yourself.
  6. You’ll spend too much time at the hardware store.
  7. Once you start on it, you’ll want to spend time working on the bus all the time.
  8. You’ll build incredible skills.
  9. You’ll become more self reliant.
  10. You’ll meet new people.
  11. You’ll overcome mental and physical obstacles.
  12. Enjoy the thrill of the build.
  13. You’ll learn a lot about yourself… and your partner.
  14. You’ll be proud of your work… no matter how good or bad it is.
  15. You’ll find yourself in a community of kind, intelligent, and fascinating people.