Podcast: Ethan Waldman interviews Michael Janzen

I recently had the opportunity to join Ethan Waldman from The Tiny House on his new podcast. We covered a lot in our 46 minute talk. The questions he asked me were:

  • How long have you been designing tiny houses?
  • How many tiny houses have you designed to date?
  • How many houses have been built based on your plans?
  • What’s your favorite tiny house you’ve designed?
  • What inspired your anchor bay tiny house design?
  • How do you estimate the gross weight and cost of your designs if they haven’t been built?
  • How should a beginner get started designing a tiny house in SketchUp?
  • Discussion on how tiny houses are attached to their trailers
  • Is the tiny house movement a fad or is it sticking around?

To hear the full conversation you can listen to the podcast here: www.thetinyhouse.net/michael/

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Ethan Waldman interviews Michael Janzen”

  1. Nancy L Harbison

    Hi Michael. Have you ever written an artical on how to build with pallets? I remember seeing a few posts on your build but I don’t remember seeing it finished or seeing a how too on using pallets. I thought about it when you put it on the cover of your book and here you are standing in it. A point in the direction of missed articuls would be appriciated. If you haven’t done a how to with pallets, would you? Thanks, Nancy

    1. I used to have a site that explained how to do that, but at this point – having done it – I don’t recommend using pallet wood for the structure. This is why I took the site down. But I still recommend using it for flooring, siding, etc.

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