AbleNook – Modular Building System

AbleNook is the only rapidly deployable portable structure comprised of interlocking components which can be assembled by unskilled laborers in a short period of time (without tools!).  These components are shipped flat-packed in order to maximize the number of families who are helped in disaster areas, while reducing transportation costs.” – AbleNook

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When AbleNook becomes available it could be used for disaster relief, dwellings, schools, and offices.

5 thoughts on “AbleNook – Modular Building System”

  1. Looks great, very interested. I think this would work great in Hawaii. Please contact me.

  2. Looks great but the roof needs to overhang all -round — not just front and back.

  3. Dennis Fuller

    I’m interested in seeing how cost effective this building system is . If I can get a cost list, building sizes available , and if you can confirm that this can have a permit in the lower 50 states . I would like to see how the walls are held together , What is the insulation factor in the roof and walls? And total cost .

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