La Arboleda by Reclaimed Space

“Clad in materials as rich in color and texture as they are in history, our spaces are built with one hundred year-old barn wood, longleaf pine, and corrugated metal that we have meticulously procured from historic barns and homes across Texas.

With pricing starting at $25,000, our spaces are accessible to a number of budgets. All spaces are built to suit individual needs and preferences. Typically built on site in Austin, Texas, they can be delivered to most anywhere in the continental United States.” – Reclaimed Space.

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5 thoughts on “La Arboleda by Reclaimed Space”

  1. Hi there,
    I love this home and was wondering if there were plans for it ?
    I absolutely love the fit out too and would love those details also if possible.
    Thank you.


      1. Frank Butterfield

        Not sure what the sense it is for a builder or architect to post a plan if more info isn’t available. Kinda makes the site useless. Wonder if it really is there plan or idea. Did they find it in a magazine and won’t share?

        1. They build the houses for clients. I’ve never seen mention of plans for sale. But for all I know they’d be happy to do that – worth checking into for those interested.

  2. Only thing here is you would have to insulate that tin ceiling in colder climates.

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