Architect Kelly Davis Designs Tiny Home

It is a very different plan from most tiny homes, divided by the lofts into three zones, one washroom, one living area and one kitchen and dining. As shown it can accommodate six; that will be cozy around the dinner table. I also think the full size range is overkill, but they offer a two-burner induction stovetop as an option.” – Lloyd Alter for Trehugger

Source: Talented architect tackles the tiny house and comes up with a mini gem : TreeHugger. Photos by Escape Traveler

1 thought on “Architect Kelly Davis Designs Tiny Home”

  1. Attn: Kelly Davis – I just saw “Canoe Bay Escape” – portable cabin on wheels. And am pretty blown away and I can’t wait to show my husband, a graduate architect. It is just what I’ve been looking for. However, at this time
    we cannot possibly afford $79,000 – the base price. Our budget is more like $45,000 unfortunately. My
    husband & I can easily finish off much of the interior – would you happen to have the Escape – or any other
    “RV” portable unit, stripped down inside? IN STOCK?? He and I can finish off a lot of the interior – in fact, as
    beautiful as the wood walls are, we actually prefer dry wall to kinda breakup all the abundance of wood – we want
    it to look fairly modern. Thanks a lot for emailing info if you have ANY unit in stock. (we cannot wait for something to be built). Please email, Thanks, Phyllis Todd

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