Architect Kelly Davis Designs Tiny Home

It is a very different plan from most tiny homes, divided by the lofts into three zones, one washroom, one living area and one kitchen and dining. As shown it can accommodate six; that will be cozy around the dinner table. I also think the full size range is overkill, but they offer a two-burner induction stovetop as an option.” – Lloyd Alter for Trehugger

Source: Talented architect tackles the tiny house and comes up with a mini gem : TreeHugger. Photos by Escape Traveler

Architect Kelly Davis Tiny House Interior Views photo by Escape traveler Architect Kelly Davis Tiny House Interior photo by Escape traveler

One thought on “Architect Kelly Davis Designs Tiny Home

  1. Phyllis Todd says:

    Attn: Kelly Davis – I just saw “Canoe Bay Escape” – portable cabin on wheels. And am pretty blown away and I can’t wait to show my husband, a graduate architect. It is just what I’ve been looking for. However, at this time
    we cannot possibly afford $79,000 – the base price. Our budget is more like $45,000 unfortunately. My
    husband & I can easily finish off much of the interior – would you happen to have the Escape – or any other
    “RV” portable unit, stripped down inside? IN STOCK?? He and I can finish off a lot of the interior – in fact, as
    beautiful as the wood walls are, we actually prefer dry wall to kinda breakup all the abundance of wood – we want
    it to look fairly modern. Thanks a lot for emailing info if you have ANY unit in stock. (we cannot wait for something to be built). Please email email hidden; JavaScript is required, Thanks, Phyllis Todd

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