The Birchwood by Upper Valley Tiny Homes

Upper Valley Tiny Homes built this green tiny house on wheels. It’s called the Birchwood and is just 128 square feet. But a lot of function is packed into the house including, a full kitchen, bathroom, a living room, and two lofts. Upper Valley Tiny Homes located in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Upper Valley Tiny Homes has a very active YouTube Channel where they present updates to homes they are building, and their homes are priced affordably. Learn more about this builder on the Upper Valley Tiny Homes website.

3 thoughts on “The Birchwood by Upper Valley Tiny Homes”

  1. Was looking at the Birchwood. where does the dining happen? I didn’t see a place for table & chairs or stools. Thanks!

  2. Where’s the stove and fridge go? I mean…it is supposed to be a full kitchen, right?

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