Nomad Pad – A Subtle Nuance of Old Growth Wisdom

Built by Ryan O’Donnell of Humble Hand Crafts, the Nomad Pad was built using tools powered by an off-grid solar system that was backed up by a biodiesel generator – but just on stormy days.

Notable features inside are a Hobbit wood stove, full-size fridge, copper bath tub, 2 lofts, and an on-demand water heater.

Outside is a mobile “slide under” 5’ x 8’ deck. The walls are framed using light gauge metal. The home’s solar system has a Lithium battery bank.

All reclaimed woods for interior and exterior come from a variety of sources up in Northern California. For example, wood from a 10,000 gallon redwood water tank, wine tank staves, hot tub staves all re-sawn for interior paneling and trim work.

Via Tiny House Swoon and Humble Hand Crafts

8 thoughts on “Nomad Pad – A Subtle Nuance of Old Growth Wisdom”

  1. Is wonderfully elegant, rafined well finished, the warm color of wood
    infuse relaxing, ceramics give the note of color just breaking , but the
    upholstery of the sofa, is not good, pinches! should definitely a character
    tone as the purple or red titian, or fantasy some etnic , flax or hemp etc.

      1. Gabriella’s comment is so poorly written and mispelled it is hard to understand what she is attempting to say. I don’t usually criticize but …

        The house is simply beautiful. All of the handcrafting of the wood, the use of the copper tub and the ceramic tile in the kitchen and bath make it designer quality and very artistic. I love it! Is the house for sale? If so , I would be interested.

  2. It’s a labor of love and it shows. Lovely timeless, hand hewn details throughout. I wish there were more pictures! I would have loved to see the loft and get a better feel for the entire layout of this uniquely designed home. Very nice work, thanks for sharing.

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