Brett’s Off-Grid Tiny House

At 15 Square meters and completely off-grid, Brett Sutherland has constructed a true, tiny house treasure. Packed with unique, space saving design elements, Brett has created a fantastic space to both live and work. Perhaps best of all, this was all achieved on a budget of NZ$21,000. The Tiny House was constructed on his parents property, and will soon be moved to a friends property in Bethells Beach in Auckland.” – Amazing Off-Grid Modern Tiny House Tour – YouTube.

You can find Living Big in a Tiny House on the web and on Facebook.

10 thoughts on “Brett’s Off-Grid Tiny House”

  1. Karen Lincoln

    This is very nice, more contempary. So does he have plans to go by and how much did it end up costing him to build. I saw no heat source, I take it warm climate. It might be helpful if you mention meter/feet for countries that use feet. Very nice video.

    1. If you just mentally multiply square meters by ten, you are pretty close to square feet.

      I think he said $21,000 NZ which is just about $25,000 US dollars.

      1. NZ$21,000 = only US$16,434 Uncle Sam Dollars (current exchange @ rate25Nov14)

  2. love the roof line and lots great other ideas. was trying to figure out what the gross weight of the house would be? is that a 5,6 pr 7 tonne trailer?

  3. Rick Waggoner

    Brett, You Have Outdone Yourself On this By Far, It Is Certainly The ” Best Of The Best “, Congrat’s On Building An Amazing Tiny Big House, I Love This..

  4. I didn’t see it mentioned on the video, but how does he handle waste water disposal?

  5. Bryce, Does Brett have any inexpensive , maybe hand drawn plans for us folks on the small end of income? i love this house and all the thinking Brett put into it. I admire him so much and your shows as well. I watch them over and over and over. Can’t get to much of a good thing eh? Thanks ahead of time for any help you could give me.

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