False Bay Writer’s Cabin

With 10′ tall glass walls on three sides, the main room is as immersed in the natural environment as a conditioned indoor space can be. The writer only has to look up to watch passing wildlife and enjoy unimpeded views of the surrounding landscape. The fourth wall has bookshelves on one side and a concealed Murphy bed on the other, with a doorway in between leading into the service area. On the left is a compact galley kitchen with a fridge and several feet of counterspace, while to the right is the bathroom with shower.” – Small House Bliss

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Above: The house closed up securely.

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  1. tina shelton

    I want to wake up out side so bad. I have been giving the tiny houses a serious look. I can not climb stairs so I have been picking different parts of plans. My main concern is the bath area. I want a double size bed with a loft on top for when my grandsons and daughters come visit, my biggest room has to be the family room where we can visit and cook and eat all in one big room. Another problem I have is I live right outside of Houston and this house I surely have out grown,. Where to move is an issue and can i find land that I can build on that pumping is not an issue. I simply love this way of living and I want to go as green as possible so that would mean solor panelings in stalled. I really need some guidess here on where to start. Sorry I am a bad speller, I do live a very handicap life, no driving and waiting on judge ruling on how far back he wants to take this case. Please respond Thank you Tina

    1. Hi Tina,

      I sent you an ebook copy of Tiny House Floor Plans to help you get ideas of how things might come together.

      I also suggest using http://tinyhousemap.com to find folks/builders in your area. It might help to connect with folks that know the local laws there in Texas when you’re getting close to make the move.

      Good luck!

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