Charming Shotgun Cottage in New Orleans

This tiny 1 bed/1 bath shotgun cottage was spotted on  Excellent example of this historic style of home with many modern improvements.

“Two blocks from Magazine Street, restaurants, coffee houses, shops and much more. Convenient to all public transportation. “

See more of this Charming Shotgun Cottage/Uptown in New Orleans.

3 thoughts on “Charming Shotgun Cottage in New Orleans”

  1. You can get materials from scrap, from resale places or Habitat For Humanity stores. A lot of big construction sites have scrap for free. In the area I live you can purchase a larger already built structure, custom built for your needs starting at about $3500. The one we looked at had two loft spaces, one big (for a bedroom like setting) and one small just under the doorway into it for storage.

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