Cliff Hanging Cliff Dwellings. Climb Up. Zipline Down

What an incredible idea! Got cliff? Build a tiny cliffhanger house. The commute would be rough, so maybe working from home would be the way to go.

These incredible tiny dwellings are located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru and available for adventurers to spend the night.

Each capsule is 24-feet long, 8-feet wide and tall. The frame is made from aircraft aluminum and is covered with a skin of polycarbonate.

To reach the Skylodge Adventure Suites you first have to climb up a cliff some 400 meters. Once you reached your cliff dwelling you’re treated to 300 degree views, a gourmet meal, and the most extreme glamping experience of your life. In the morning you slide down multiple ziplines to the ground level.

You can learn more about the Skylodge Adventure Suites on the Natura Vive website.

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