Cliff Hanging Cliff Dwellings. Climb Up. Zipline Down

What an incredible idea! Got cliff? Build a tiny cliffhanger house. The commute would be rough, so maybe working from home would be the way to go.

These incredible tiny dwellings are located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru and available for adventurers to spend the night.

Each capsule is 24-feet long, 8-feet wide and tall. The frame is made from aircraft aluminum and is covered with a skin of polycarbonate.

To reach the Skylodge Adventure Suites you first have to climb up a cliff some 400 meters. Once you reached your cliff dwelling you’re treated to 300 degree views, a gourmet meal, and the most extreme glamping experience of your life. In the morning you slide down multiple ziplines to the ground level.

You can learn more about the Skylodge Adventure Suites on the Natura Vive website.

Gozdne Vile Glamping

The huts are manufactured from organically grown, untreated larch wood and covered with larch shingles. Each hut is equipped with its own set of garden furniture comprising two chairs and a table, so you can spend even more time enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings. The interior is furnished with two beds with mattresses. The bed linen is made exclusively of natural materials.” – Sava Hotels & Resorts

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Yurt Camping at Bruce Peninsula National Park

Inspired by the dwellings of nomads in the steppes of Central Asia, it’s a circular structure with a cone or sphere shaped roofline that occasionally in modern times has a skylight at the top.  The BPNP (Bruce Peninsula National Park) has taken it to a whole new level with hardwood floors, wooden furniture, storage spaces, a large bunk bed and a large Murphy (fold-down) bed. It comes complete with a large deck for entertaining, a barbeque for cooking with 2 propane tanks and a place to burn wood outdoors.” – Bruce Peninsula National Park

via Yurt Camping at Bruce Peninsula National Park – Bruce County – Explore The Bruce.

Shepherd Huts a Hawthbush Farm

Tucked in their own wildflower meadows, our Shepherds Huts are the best of comfy camping on a farm. Each has a covered field kitchen with a gas stoves, wool duvet, wood burning stoves for warmth – relax by candlelight in the hammock or settle around your Kadai firepit and barbeque. We have Aggie, a couples shepherds hut, in its own field away from the family camping area (for availability please email) as well as Bibi, a family hut in its own plot with fabulous views as well as Cashel, a family hut about 250 yards from the parking in its own woodland clearing. We have bikes available for hire and there all glampers have free use of our wood fired hot tub.” – Hawthbush Farm

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Tiny Wooden House – Cozy Glamping

The Tiny Wooden House offers a new and unique concept for luxury glamping. Inspired by a desire to create miniature architecture, The Tiny Wooden House offers all the comforts, proportions and appointments of a normal two-bedroom house, all within a truly tiny footprint.

On the ground floor, guests will find a well-appointed kitchen finished with granite worktops, a foldaway dining table that seats five, a living room with wood burner and stow away sofa, separate shower and toilet and a master bedroom with king size double bed. The first floor has three full sized single beds arranged around a landing with fold down staircase…” – Tiny House Vacations

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Tiny House Hobbies: 5 Things You Can Do in Small Spaces

In a recent comment, someone asked the question:
“As a skier, kayaker, biker rider, backpacker, organic vegetable gardener and food preserver, I would love to see more small homes that have folks who are living very active lives with the accoutrements that go with these lifestyles.”
I thought I might take a stab at addressing tiny house hobbies. Of course, as usual, I can only speak to my own experience. I hope that maybe other tiny house dwellers that have different and perhaps more complex hobbies can also chime into the conversation.
When I was thinking about our hobbies I realized that many of them, with the exception of two that I will get to later, are designed to use very few accessories.

I encourage you to read below to learn about our 5 tiny house friendly hobbies that you might want to do too:

Longitude 131°

I’m totally inspired by this tiny house design. It’s a very expensive Glamping cabin in Australia but looks more like an awesome tiny home with a view. Definitely useful as a design concept to emulate.

“Longitude 131° consists of just 15 luxurious elevated tents, each paying homage to and early Australian pioneer or explorer.  The white dome roof and billowing fabric create the illusion of camping, however the similarities end there.”

See more of this house at Go Glamping in Australia – Longitude 131°.