One Way to Make Concrete Counter Tops

Here’s one way to make a small concrete countertop. While it may be preferable to pour larger countertops in place – this would work nicely for a tiny house.

I built plexiglass forms in order to get a totally smooth finish in the easiest and cheapest way.” – Off Grid Build

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  1. An even less expensive way to do this project is use Melamine or Formica instead of the plexiglass. Both are about half the cost of the plexi. Plexi runs about 97 dollars a sheet at the Box store, and melamine and formica are both about 42-45 for a 4×8 sheet. the 3/4 inch melamine could actually be used for the form instead of the 2×4 frame depending on the size and length of the counter tops. So plexi isn’t the easiest nor the cheapest way to get a nice smooth finish on your counter tops.

  2. I am looking for pricing on good concrete block and foundation and a roof suitable for water for drinking. It will be in Terlingua TX. We are trying to get a home done asap. I am totally disabled and the surgeons said your arid, hot weather will bring my pain rate down. I am totally disabled. Help us. It is my husband, great Pyrenees very big dog, and me. We can start out small and add on if the plans are geared. Right now one large bedroom, one nice bathroom, and one kitchen all purpose room some windows and a place for a MURPHY be against a wall in the all purpose room.please email me costs of concrete slab, block, roof, solar and water catchmentand elect if possible hard line or satellite I am disabled and need one. The site is leveled and septic is in. Please mail me some pricing on several options for a building like a large hobby shop with a garage attached 750 to 1000 sq Ft

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