Rowan’s Tiny House

Rowan’s 192 square foot tiny house cost about $25,000 to complete. It’s 24-feet long, has a big long shed roof, and a porch along one side. While she hired some folks to handle specific tasks, like insulation, and got ample advice from friends and local professionals – but Rowan did most of the work herself.

She moved in before it was finished and celebrated each addition of a new utility, like a stainless sink, propane cookstove, cypress bathtub, and wood stove.

She also collects rainwater off her large shed roof, storing it beneath the house. Visit Rowan’s Tiny House website and read more about Ulster County’s Rowan Kunz Builds a Tiny Home That’s Entirely Self-Sustainable.

Rowan's Tiny House - kitchen 2

Rowan's Tiny House interior

Rowan's Tiny House - Bathroom

One Way to Make Concrete Counter Tops

Here’s one way to make a small concrete countertop. While it may be preferable to pour larger countertops in place – this would work nicely for a tiny house.

I built plexiglass forms in order to get a totally smooth finish in the easiest and cheapest way.” – Off Grid Build

To learn more about living a self-sufficient and sustainable life visit the Off Grid Build website. For more videos like this follow the Off Grid Build on YouTube. You can also find them on Facebook.


15 Days No Water

It’s easy to take things for granted that rarely fail us, like running water. I recently ran across a post that served as a good reminder. It listed 10 lessons learned while living without water for 15 days.

15 Days No Water

The Field Lab – Update

John Wells at The Field Lab has been making slow steady progress on his greenhouse. His home is a tiny 8′ by 16′ tiny house specially built to survive the extreme heat the southwestern Texas desert can deliver. His greenhouse will be made from shipping containers with a roof of welded steel trusses. He’s doing all the work himself including raising the giant handmade steel trusses into place. Be sure to watch this video on YouTube that shows how he lifts one of the trusses into place.

The Field Lab