Container Home in New Orleans

This home was designed by the Toronto-based maker of prefab homes, MekaWorld, and is the first container home in New Orleans. It is made up of two shipping containers and has a net living area of 640 square feet. Despite the relatively small size of this one-bedroom home, it is partitioned into a very spacious dwelling.

The New Orleans home is based on the VOR_640 plan by MekaWorld, and is a 2 x 40 ft high cube with total dimensions of 16 feet x 40 feet x 9′-6″ high (10′-0″ top of roof structure)…” – Jetson Green

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4 thoughts on “Container Home in New Orleans”

  1. Thomas W. Sparks

    If possible could you send me more info on this type of Tiny Home

  2. Lavonne Smith

    I just love the open feel of this, absolutely beautiful, oh why can’t affordable homes be built for people on SSDI that they can afford I just want someplace nice to live..tired of being homeless

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