Container House Ontario

A unique combination of steel, wood, and earth… Container House Ontario.

via small & tiny home ideas.

3 thoughts on “Container House Ontario”

  1. Yours is the first shipping container that I have seen that is close to what I am imagining for my studio/sauna/storage unit.!! I am loving it, I too am planning a Rocket mass stove inside, with a small second story, and a living roof.

    I had never seen a container with the insulating layer being added over the outside of the unit. Nice! I have a 40′ unit which with the help of a neighbor has just received a window/door wall recessed in one end so the main doors can be closed should I go away for any period of time. I have a long ways to go to completion. I love the cob covering on yours and wish you had more on how you actually accomplished everything. I hope to move into mine asap and work inside through the winter as much as I can. Your place is delightful and beautiful. Thank you folks for sharing as much as you have! –Sincerely, Tish

    PS Has the weather bothered your cob outside walls? I am in the Pacific Northwest with a considerable amount of rain so would probably need a great roof overhang in my area. I be smiling for you.

  2. What is the point of using a container if you’re just going to frame the whole thing in steel anyway? You could have just omitted the container.

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