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Canadian Couple Builds Tiny House on Wheels

Remember how great Facebook was for tiny houses a few years ago? Well if you haven’t noticed… Instagram is where everyone went – which might explain why Facebook bought Instagram for $1billion! Here’s one example, a Canadian couple building a 200 square foot tiny house on wheels. The house is amazing. Love the use of […]

Container House Ontario

A unique combination of steel, wood, and earth… Container House Ontario. via small & tiny home ideas.

Litl Joe in The Snow

A 102 square feet tiny house on wheels in Ontario, Canada. More info. here.” – Tiny House Swoon

Thunder Beach Wood Works Cabin

Pictured here is a small 10’x10′ cabin by Thunder Beach Wood Works – located in Lindsay, Ontario. They build sheds & bunkies and are available for custom work. “We are also interested in the Small House Movement or Tiny Homes. This would be a home between 65 and 887 square feet and could act nicely as […]

Interior Shots Update of Tiny House Ontario

I had an MPAC person stop by my project, Tiny House Ontario a few days ago.  If you don’t know, these are the tax assessors that ensure that the people of Ontario pay their fair share of taxes. I am not opposed to paying my fair share of tax, what I oppose is the way that […]

Solar Shingles

Thanks to Jennafer who told me about this product which is just about ready to go.  If this would have been available for THO I would have considered them.  To put this in perspective, a solar panel the size of my roof would easily give me enough power for heating, cooling and cooking.  Talk about […]

Sanford and Sons – A Day in the Life at Tiny House Ontario

Yesterday I hauled in a couple of loads of rocks.  I think I have all that is required to finish the job.

Breaking Down the Costs at Tiny House Ontario

Laura breaks downs recent costs of Tiny House Ontario. “So far in 2012 I have (with help) built the in-house with composting toilet, added some (not great) LED battery lighting, put steel on the exterior, added gravel dust for the patio (to allow this to settle for next year’s project), updated (not completed) the kitchen […]

Getting Stoned at the Tiny House Ontario

You know… with pavers – the heavy stuff. “We got so stoned yesterday at Tiny House Ontario!  We had expected this to come but were really surprised at how much came for $175 plus tax!” via Getting Stoned « Tiny House Ontario.

Steeling Chocolate! – Tiny House Ontario

Tiny House Ontario is getting some siding – and it’s looking super sweet! Laura says: “My childhood friend Allan calls Tiny House Ontario “The Chocolate Shed”.  For those of you who don’t know me… this is owing to my huge addiction to Cadbury chocolate.  When I looked at the photos for the first time, it […]

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