Solar Shingles

Thanks to Jennafer who told me about this product which is just about ready to go.  If this would have been available for THO I would have considered them.  To put this in perspective, a solar panel the size of my roof would easily give me enough power for heating, cooling and cooking.  Talk about sustainable solutions!” …continues

5 thoughts on “Solar Shingles”

  1. Alexis Colby

    Germans and other European countries have had these (Solar shingles) for some time. Didn’t know US and Canada didn’t already have them.

    1. It is true they do have an integrated solar design in Germany however it is significantly different in design than the ones that are in the works in Ontario. The Ontario design will actually be the roof whereas the german design has small individual panels imbedded into the tile. The German tiles can be seen here.

  2. Joetha Broyles

    I have a 900 sq. ft. cottage. Looking at different options. Thanks.

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