Micro-Housing for Students by Tengbom Architects

Garden studios seem to be all the rage right now, but what about student studios? Swedish architecture firm, Tengbom, designed this stylish micro-home specifically for students.The unit occupies just 10 square meters (~100 square feet), and contains several living spaces. It contains a sleeping loft, living area, kitchen, bathroom, mini garden, and a patio. Some areas also double up on function, for example the living area has a fold-up desk that can be used for studying or dining…” – Humble Homes

9 thoughts on “Micro-Housing for Students by Tengbom Architects”

  1. WHY do you tease us with one picture of the outside and when we click thru we get a narrative but no interior pictures. PLEASE stop doing that. If you can’t show us interior photos then don’t show us anything. What’s the point?

      1. The frustration is that your links are not obvious. It looks like it’s part of the gaudy advertising you have on the site. So, people don’t want to click on it. And I’ve come to the site many times not able to even find the link to the original article.

        There are cleaner and more elegant ways to advertise on your site. If you focus on customer experience, everything else will follow. Just my 2 cents.

      2. No, it does not make sense and your response sounds arrogant. The only links that are obvious are the ones that advertise something.

    1. Louise Bachand

      I find the link to more pics usually at the end of the intro…. in blue. I saw the interior…. really nice!

  2. Enjoy anything about tiny house information and products, however gaudy pictures that look like advertising and very few interior shots do not impress me! certainly you could do better!!

  3. Bobbi Jo Barger

    I want interior pictures also! without leaving one end out… But I also want floor plans (layout) so you can get a better feel as to where everything is!

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