Dan & Brittany’s Dream Mountain Tiny House

Dan & Brittany call their house, the Lucky House. They built the home as an alternative to renting an apartment. It was designed by Laird Herbert of Leaf House, a small company from the Yukon that specializes in cold climate tiny house design.

The house is off-grid, has a solar panel on the roof, deep cycle batteries. When there is no sun they charge-up at the nearest 110-volt outlet. They equipped it a composting toilet, custom-built from a Colman cooler of all things. There’s also a tub/shower in the bathroom.

In the kitchen they have a 24-inch range and a refrigerator/freezer that can run off propane, AC, or DC power. Propane heats their water. After working out some bugs their often snow-bound tiny home works great in the coldest weather.

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2 thoughts on “Dan & Brittany’s Dream Mountain Tiny House”

  1. Love the overall design of the home and the way you have appointed it. It looks warm and inviting. The green climbing rope wrapped around the support for the loft looks like a scratching post for the kitty. If so, great idea!

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