Lily Duval’s Tiny House in New Zealand

Lily has whittled down her possessions to fit her tiny Christchurch home, but she has trouble parting with books; the bookcase beside the door – her first building project – was modified to fit the house; the stained-glass door was an extravagance she doesn’t regret: “I look at it every day.” –

Learn more about What it’s like living in a 14sqm tiny house at


  1. This has zoomed to the top of my inspiration list! We are currently building a smaller and curvier version, but I’ve spent so much time stripping paint from reclaimed building materials I was unsure whether it was worth it. In theory I like the look of reused wood, but to see it all come together so beautifully in Lily’s “pad” is encouraging! The reclaimed floor, the patina on the bookshelves, that amazing bathroom door. Thank you for featuring this build, THL.

  2. Sherry do YouTube gent thé Wood burning stove? What os thé length of the trailer and the height ? Thank you for sharing ! Therese

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