Amalfi Edition by Tiny Living Homes

The Amalfi Edition by Tiny Living Homes is a 20-foot tiny house. It features french doors that open from one side onto the main living space. A staircase with plenty of built-in storage leads up to the loft from the living room.

Below the loft is a kitchen with white base cabinets accented with contrasting wood countertops. The white painted interior has a bright clean look that sets it apart from many other more woodsy tiny house interiors.

1 thought on “Amalfi Edition by Tiny Living Homes”

  1. There is something visually very strange about the window placement in the kitchen area.

    Additionally, the kitchen exhaust hood-fan seems way over-sized and visually opressive. Especially when the the cooktop only has two burners. Moving the cooktop closer to the exterior wall and using a simple sidewall exhaust fan will provide a more functional cooking area and more effective cooking exhaust system. Deleting the expensive monster hood might also open wall space for additional storage above the cooktop in the form of a wall cabinet, open shelves or a rack for hanging cooking items.


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