Designer Kitchen in a 500 Sq. Foot Apartment

“Since storage was key, we wanted to include as many cabinets as possible without sacrificing style. So why not utilize the height we gained by raising the ceiling and take the cabinets all the way up. In order to make the kitchen look bigger and brighter, we went for white high-gloss cabinet doors with accents of milky-white glass doors to add some character, both from IKEA.” – TheDesignerPad


2 thoughts on “Designer Kitchen in a 500 Sq. Foot Apartment”

  1. I would like to know the brand or the company that makes the refrigerator as pictured in the photo? Is it a Summit refrigerator? Thanks, Brenda.

  2. A book or list of resouces to purchase items to build a small / tiny home would be so helpful. Notations of advantages and/or disadvantages based on purposes or uses of an individual’s tiny home. If anyone has any resources or recommendations to share it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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