Dome House Constructed in Six Weeks for Just $8000!

…he used a pivoting arm technique to create a perfect sphere and then built his little Dome House using locally-made concrete bricks. Despite having just two helpers, Steve completed construction of his tiny home in just six weeks, and it only cost him about $8,000.” – Inhabitat

See more of this Magical Dome House

See how Steve built his small home…

4 thoughts on “Dome House Constructed in Six Weeks for Just $8000!

    • Blake says:

      Go to Steve’s website, linked above, to see all of the pictures of the house and the construction process. There’s a third dome that has a marvelous bathroom with plants.

    • Rinn says:

      Click the links that are listed with it. This isn’t an article about the house. It’s just a teaser to get you to look at the /rest/ of the information elsewhere. The second article is Steve Areen’s site, and he goes through the entire process of building the house, there.

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