Hobbitat Spaces

Bill Thomas of Hobbitat Spaces in Maryland developed a passion for small spaces after 30 years of working in the historic restoration and custom home business. With the change in the housing market came a change in his focus of building and he began to develop small, custom homes that are constructed inside and out of the harsh Northeastern winters. The first Hobbitat (or “Hob”, as they are affectionately called) was constructed using materials from Bill’s grandfather’s barn, windows from his childhood cabin and other reclaimed doors and materials. Hobbitat Spaces then built 13 Hobs for Blue Moon Rising, an ecotourism retreat in western Maryland.” – Christina

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2 thoughts on “Hobbitat Spaces”

  1. This is so Beautiful, as long as it has a fridge & something to cook on or in, I would love to live there… 🙂

  2. vickie johnson

    I love how these look like old time houses,could they be built for handicapped accessible? What is the price of these small houses? I would need a three bedroom,two bath one.

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