2 thoughts on “Do You Dream of Your Own Owner-built Tiny Home? Jess & Dan Made it a Reality!”

  1. This is really adorable! And beautifully decorated. I love the green touches in the kitchen. How did you build your flat roof? It is a cool idea that obviously gives you a lot of head room in the loft. Could you share some info on how you did it? Thanks!

  2. A suggestion to Jess & Dan – try opening the top of the loft window – the section that normally does not open. Then try putting the fan either in this window, to blow in. My other suggestion is to try it blowing out, with a little opening or wide if you prefer and are safe enough – in the downstairs window but facing out. It should bring the air through and cool the wood which I suspect is not quite dry and wood is not only humid at this age it behaves as if it works at full run for awhile. It simply heats…..
    PS I had good luck with my little freezerless refrigerator with its “new” semiconductor technology crossed with Peltier effect. Until I had either visitors that I didn’t know about or some vandalism. I’d keep the warranty up…….I recycled mine almost two years ago and am going without. Without even ice…..but I don’t live in your area and gave up things like cukes and hummus. I’m on salads til the weather breaks; unfortunately, I also live in a fifties type food area which makes it hard to do anything organic…

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