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Dan and Jess Live in a Tiny House

Dan and Jess Sullivan live in a tiny house — 128 square feet, to be exact. The couple started building the wooden structure on wheels about two years ago, constructing a flat roof and elevated shelves to make the most of the space, nicknamed the Pod.” – Rhode Island Monthly Read more about Living in a Tiny […]

Jess & Dan’s Ultra-Tiny House

The couple built this house from the ground up in Rhode Island, using as much recycled material as they could. The wood inside is all reclaimed from an 18th century barn, and looks completely gorgeous. And the interior looks cozy, rather than cramped. There are even spots for a laptop and some cute knick-knacks.” – […]

Do You Dream of Your Own Owner-built Tiny Home? Jess & Dan Made it a Reality!

An owner-built tiny house on wheels in Rhode Island.” – Tiny House Swoon See more of The Pod at Tiny House Swoon. Visit Jess & Dan’s Tiny House Blog.

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