Dan and Jess Live in a Tiny House

Dan and Jess Sullivan live in a tiny house — 128 square feet, to be exact. The couple started building the wooden structure on wheels about two years ago, constructing a flat roof and elevated shelves to make the most of the space, nicknamed the Pod.” – Rhode Island Monthly

Read more about Living in a Tiny House at Rhode Island Monthly. Also be sure to visit their blog, Another Tiny House Story. Photos by Nat Rea.

3 thoughts on “Dan and Jess Live in a Tiny House

  1. Blisandt says:

    I enjoy these stories and this place looks more “lived in” with it’s books and work area looking “in use.” I will say the cover picture highlights an aspect of many THs: your feet/shoes tread over your food prep area in some cases.

  2. Marsha Cowan says:

    This has always been one of my favorite tiny houses. It’s just so organized and aesthetically pleasing. Great job guys! Enjoy!

  3. Barbara Larson says:

    I just love these houses! Especially the ones of travel trailers that have been converted. My husband of almost 21 years and I have gutted and redone a few travel trailers but, none to this extent. We are now ready to embark on another. This time it will be a much larger project due to the trailer being 35 ft. opposed to the 9, 19 & 25 ft we have done in the past and this trailer being in worse shape than we have ever dealt with before. It will be a project to say the least but, I belive doing these kinds of things together is what has contributed to the longevity and happiness in our relationship.
    I will post pictures on Pinterest of our progress as well as before and after pictures of our new TINY HOME.

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