ESCAPE – A Rustic Retreat in Canoe Bay

The retreat is just 400 square feet in size, and is approximately 14-by-28 foot… The ESCAPE cabin is clad, both inside and out, with sustainably harvested cedar – great for the environmentally conscious. According to the builder, the getaway was designed “with the sensibilities of Frank Lloyd Wright in mind” and aim’s to “become one with nature with virtually no carbon footprint.”” – Niall

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1 thought on “ESCAPE – A Rustic Retreat in Canoe Bay”

  1. Terry Lee Miller

    I have had built for my wife and I’s parents (500 sq.ft.) and we lived in a traditional Split Foyer. We were in the center and their houses on each side of us. Eventually after my parents passed we moved into their tiny house and fell in love with it. What we instantly realized was that we didn’t need all the other space in the Split Foyer 2310 Sq Ft. Now at 66 yrs of age we are looking to do it again elsewhere for ourselves. I fell in love with the Escape design at 400 Sq. Ft its unbelievable. I would want it to be permanent on a slab and envision a wrap around covered porch design also. Honestly there wasn’t anything I didn’t like, especially the “Sleeping Screened Porch”….WOW ! a home run there. Is there a way to design this house with a Covered Wrap Around Porch ? What I didn’t see or hear on the Tiny Homes Series was if there was A/C such as a Heat Pump or standard A/C ? I would want that. And was I right that it came fully furnished?

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