Family Builds Off The Grid Tiny House

Environmentally conscious Fred Schultz is building a “tiny house” or 10sq m home on a trailer at his wife’s family home in Templestowe so he and his family can do just that.About 4.2m tall and less than 2.5m wide, the house can be towed by a truck and the family can park at their leisure, unfolding the two veranda roof shades to enjoy their scenery.” – Herald Sun

Read the whole story about Templestowe family builds tiny house to live off the grid.

4 thoughts on “Family Builds Off The Grid Tiny House”

  1. Matthew Jackson

    Wow what an impressive Tiny House. I’m still coming up with ideas and the pro and cons in each type if material. Total Love your home by the ways. A couple of questions:
    1.) How did you go with registration?
    2.) Why corrugated iron. was it a cheaper resource?
    3.) The Big question how much?

  2. Hi Matthew,
    In answering your questions keep in mind that I’m in Melbourne, Australia.

    1.) It is currently registered as a “miscellaneous trailer” and when completed (in June 2015) I will have it re-registered as a caravan by VicRoads (the DMV in Australia). I don’t expect any problems. I followed all their rules.

    2.) Yes, we’re wild about corrugated steel here in Oz. The beautiful Western Red Cedar siding that appears on so many tiny houses is frightfully expensive here in Australia. Also,I’ve used the corro (Aussie for “corrugated steel”) as part of an exterior wall that functions as a radiant barrier to the sun’s heat. Here we need to design tiny houses to keep the heat out. And yes, it’s cheap and light weight! In the photo above the verandah awning is shown folded down in “transport mode”, but it swing up to give me shade.

    3.) As for cost… my tiny house has rather top of the range appliances (ie. low voltage & highly efficient fridge made in Australia; Japanese style tub; composting toilet; alcohol stove/oven), as well as an off-grid capacity (solar panels & batteries for full time living) and is built on a beefy new trailer and the materials cost came in the $35,000 AUD range.

    If you want to learn more about my tiny house and/or about my business of helping other DIY tiny house builders get started on building their own tiny houses you can visit my website at:

    I’m also experimenting with Tsu, the new alternative to facebook. You can follow me at Tsu with this invitation link:

    Thanks for your interest.

      1. Your welcome Michael.

        I should also say a thank you to you too.

        May years ago I watched those videos you posted showing yourself using SketchUp.

        They inspired me in the early days of my building process so many years ago and now I have a complete, and I mean complete SketchUp drawing of my house.

        In part, thanks to you.

        Deep bow of appreciation,

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