Fernhills – Gypsy Caravan and Roulotte Builders

Our Roulottes are perfect for glamping, camp site rentals, extra rooms, garden retreats, guest accommodation or as an office/work space. They are heavily built with a steel chassis, Larch cladding, double glazed and fully insulated including the floor. We now offer 3 sizes, La petit maison which is a smaller two berth (Shepherds hut size but without the agricultural look), La Roulotte our standard 3 / 4 berth with extended balcony and our larger Chateaux Roulotte which is a fully fitted 4 / 5 caravan with a bathroom.” – Fernhills

See more at the Fernhills website. Fernhills is based in Worcestershire.

8 thoughts on “Fernhills – Gypsy Caravan and Roulotte Builders”

  1. Love these! Would be perfect for a quiet honeymoon getaway or solitary retreat for writers, etc.

    Ms. Minimal

  2. Janet Feller

    My favorite “tiny” to date. Wish there were more inside pictures!

  3. Rick Waggoner

    They are simply Beautiful, just wish they were closer to Arkansas due to the added cost for transportation fees i’m sure that would be added to it.

  4. I love those tiny things. when i visit family. i can have that with me so me and my kitty can sleep in there. I saw one in a trailer park I used to go to and it looked awesome.

  5. I live in NC USA, I plan to move in the near future. In the meantime I am trying to sell my house and downsize to a very small house. I love the Gypsy style tiny house. I’m looking for one to build, in my area or close by. Any help appreciated. Thank you !

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