Finishing Touches on the Little Yellow Door

Ella is making the finishing touches on her tiny house. An important final step was to carefully cut into her little yellow door for the mortise lockset. She’s also looking for a place to park her home near San Francisco.

“My cats live with me in and out of Little Yellow now, and they are the most delightfully entertaining, boot chewing and lap warming combination. They are all curled up innocent-like on my knees right now, purring their little hearts out.

I spent the last 2 weeks scouting somewhere to put my house up by San Francisco. I haven’t got anything definite yet, but I have a few thoughts for the short term, and I plan to move by this time next month. It’s terribly exciting. It’s also terribly terrifying, but that’s the path I chose, and if my life didn’t have a reasonable balance of the two, I doubt I’d be very happy “

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