FOUNDhouse by Patrick Beseda and Lacy Williams

When Patrick Beseda and Lacy Williams began realizing their ambition to build a micro-dwelling, they began with a Wikihouse design. The WikiHouse project is an open-source library of construction sets for houses, where anyone can submit, edit, and use the designs. The design’s components can all be “printed” from plywood using a CNC machine, and are simple enough to assemble with minimal training. Lacy and Patrick, both MArch students at the University of Colorado, Denver, set out to build their own micro-Wikihouse last summer, personalizing the template along their way.” – Archinect

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1 thought on “FOUNDhouse by Patrick Beseda and Lacy Williams”

  1. Hi!

    Love your work! I am a New Zealand engineering student wanting to design a similar tiny house for my 4th year project. i have been found many different houses in the wikihouse website but nothing as cleaver as yous. I know you must get this all the time but woudl you be kind enough to help me aquire the DXFs or a CAD model of the house?

    thanks for your time


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