Grain Silos Are a An Alternative to Shipping Container Homes

Sukup Manufacturing is a small company based in Sheffield, Iowa, which primarily manufactures agricultural products, which includes grain bins. About three years ago, Sukup also began manufacturing grain silo homes to be used as disaster relief housing in Haiti following the devastating earthquake there. They called this grain silo home a Safe T Home, and it was developed in partnership with Global Compassion Network and Iowa residents…” – Jetson Green

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5 thoughts on “Grain Silos Are a An Alternative to Shipping Container Homes”

  1. Belinda Wilks

    I would like to know the cost involved in building these from foundation to finished for living. I really am interested in putting maybe several of these on our farm. Would help when we put up harvest help, hunters, and family.

  2. This would go very well here in Oklahoma, except when it gets cold. There are more grain silos then people here I think. This is a new variation of the dome house, and its portable. I could see this used as temporary housing for missionary teams in warmer climates. I didn’t see anything on their website about insulation features, but the water and solar options a cool.
    Thomas Giacomelli

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