6 thoughts on “Harmony House by Full Moon Tiny Shelters”

  1. cathleenbutler

    I must have this house featured now on your site! How does one get the blueprints ect.? How much does it cost? Just what i want!

  2. hai im looking at getting into a tiny home for northern alberta winters ,is this for sale if so whats the price and location thanks love and light

  3. Carlos Filipe

    The interior layout and the openings to the outside give sense of space filled with light. A beautiful solution.

  4. stunning they look more like real houses everyday now, i am truly impressed with this one that to all intents would match my parents propert almost exactly (only window frame colour wrong, to be a total match they would require to be brown, still I am sure that could easily be rectified at build stage) really need to see more inside images however to try to acertain if indeed it might serve the purpose we require it to long-term and if so I might finally have found my new home ——- As quaint, idyllic and peaceful as all the country cottage type ones are they just wouldn’t look right against an modernist estate built family villa, which this model will without a doubt as the stone colour almost matches 100% 🙂 so I suppose I shall now need to have that serious talk with my father about cash and plots as it shall be going on his properties ground somewhere, exciting times ahead for sure, wat h this space guys!! One last thing where do I obtain full build guide and information on this model please as can’t appear to find a link to gain such info.
    For now truly watch this space as when I do start to move its shal be fast of the starting blocks and fast throughout as would only have the squad of builders for a short time.
    My thanks to Tinyhouseliving.com

    1. Carlos Filipe

      Harmony House can be understood as a “shell”. Instead of shingles it could have board & batten or ventilated façade in aluminium and foam insulation or just corrugated metal, PVC paint coated. As long as it keeps letting the light come in the way it works now, all kind of facades could be applied to fit in the environment.

  5. Chana Meira Golden

    Beautiful. The lighting and stylish design will set nicely around an integrated staircase I envision. Solar options will add to the year-round living experience. Less is definitely more in this sweet home!

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