Jay Shafer on the Politics of Tiny Houses

  An interview from February 2011, with Jay Shafer (formerly of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company), in his 96 square foot house-on-wheels in Sebastopol, California. Jay is one of the more well-known and successful tiny house designers, and there’s no denying the “curb appeal” of his designs. That appeal is generated by Jay’s careful attention to proportion as well as by his decisions about which elements to include in–and more precisely, what to leave out of– his designs. But as much as he enjoys talking about design, what he really wanted to talk about [.

1 thought on “Jay Shafer on the Politics of Tiny Houses”

  1. Rick Karaitiana

    I am a retired builder, and play around with different projects related to the construction industry, one is tiny homes, these are mainly for back yards, sample, Studio, Office, Teenagers Retreat, (Elderly) and many other samples can apply. the cost of housing has made owning a home practically unaffordable for many, and land is the biggest hurdle, the pre-cut to my thinking is the most cost effective in materials and labour easy to erect, even with basic building skills, and should comply with all council approvals. With less people in the job market this type if modular, grows with the family and with-in budget, I drew a series of plans and came up with a design I think would be popular (I suppose I would) I have been in the industry years, and while technology has made a huge impact, the basic structure has stayed the same. I enjoyed looking at your articles, and tiny homes and as they say, you are only as good as your imagination. Good Luck

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