Surfer Alexandra’s Tiny Home on a Point in Devon, UK

Between the beaches of Saunton and Croyde, perched above a right-hand point break, was a little old unloved building we call the Old Coastguard Station. It was in need of some TLC. It is tiny, exposed and legend had it that several people/ surfers from the area had tried to rent it, without success.

I tried, too. The owner is a friend of mine and I explained to him that I was the right person to move in as I was a) desperate and b) quiet and responsible and c) needed help to pick myself up. We met up and he dropped the keys into my hands. Just like that. This of course to the disbelief of everyone in the village!

Read the complete story at Lloyd’s Blog – Surfer Alexandra’s Tiny Home on a Point in Devon, UK.


  1. I am in love with your courage. I hope you post more. I live in North Carolina.

  2. Good things happen to good people. Go in peace you good thing, cheers.

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